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Write your own story – knights of old

Write a story about knights Arise Sir Knight! You are needed at the castle. Your quest awaits so hurry up and don’t forget to feed the dragon.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Who is the hero?

  • a knight
  • a princess
  • a boy
  • a girl
  • a dragon

2. On the way to the castle, the hero meets...

  • the queen
  • the king
  • a wizard
  • a bear trainer
  • an old man
  • a jester
  • Choose your own idea!

Choose one!

3. "Help me please!" begs the stranger. I've got a problem with...

  • a fire-breathing dragon
  • an evil knight
  • a runaway bear
  • a missing princess
  • a wicked witch
  • Choose your own idea

4. Choose two objects to help your hero with the quest ...

  • book of spells
  • crystal ball
  • sword of fire
  • suit of armour
  • catapult
  • rope
  • bag of bear snacks
  • Choose your own idea

5. Choose two places for the hero to visit on the quest...

  • the moat
  • the battlements
  • the dungeon
  • the dark forest
  • the dragon cave
  • the witch's hut
  • the jousting tournament
  • the wizard's lab
  • the dark tower

6. Now write the story...

If you are working with a partner - write one line each.