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Write your own story – Castle designer

The year is 1215. Your lord – the Baron – is planning to rebel against ‘Bad King John’. But first he wants you to improve his castle!
Download the pdf Storymaker http://club.creativewritingclub.co.uk/themes/castles/resources-to-print-castles/

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. You are castle designers from Europe. Your names are...

  • Henri
  • Alan
  • Gilbert
  • Guy
  • Fulke
  • Eric

Choose two names.

2. What does the castle need?

  • a moat
  • higher walls
  • round towers (stronger than square towers)
  • battlements
  • platforms (for dropping boiling oil)
  • murder holes (in ceiling)
  • slits (to fire arrows through)

Choose three ways to improve the castle.

3. Three months have passed. The Baron is very angry! You took his gold. Why is his castle taking so long?

  • the workers are afraid of Bad King John
  • it's harvest time
  • there's no money to buy stone for the walls
  • the weather is terrible
  • King John's spies are watching you
  • Choose your own idea

4. Write a letter explaining what is going wrong. (Be polite! The Bishop had his last castle designer thrown in the moat!)