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Write your own story – The Drought

Fire dangerIt is the year 2116. Global temperatures have soared.  Southern European countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece have been turned into deserts by a drought. While climate scientists struggle to understand the situation, wild fires are breaking out all over the land.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose a location for the story...

  • city
  • village
  • mountain
  • forest
  • dried up river
  • lake
  • farm

2. The problem is ...

  • people are trapped by wildfires
  • people have to leave their homes
  • crops are dying in the fields
  • food prices are soaring
  • angry protestors gather in the streets
  • wild animals are dying

Choose one main problem!

3. The government have put together a team to help. Pick two characters...

  • Maxi (fire fighter)
  • Jermaine (food aid worker)
  • Heidi (paramedic)
  • Antonia (scientist)
  • Sara and Sidique (police officers)
  • Titus (vet)
  • Alex (water tanker driver)
  • Maddy (pilot)

4. Choose two of the following to use in your story...

  • Jeep
  • fire engine
  • helicopter
  • medical kit
  • bowser (water tanker)
  • food aid pack
  • animal rescue unit
  • dust bomb (to smother fires)
  • 'storm' machine

5. Write the story from the most exciting part. If you are writing with a partner, write one line each.