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Write your own story – Flood warning

Get ready to put your characters into extreme danger. Will they be rescued? Only you can decide!

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose a location for your story...

  • Your town
  • Hawai (USA)
  • Sydney (Australia)
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • New York (USA)

2. Choose two characters...

  • Zane (extreme surfer)
  • Sandy (sea kayak instructor)
  • Emmanuel (dog walker)
  • Steffi and Sam (jet skiers)
  • Brandy (white water rafter)
  • Dr Straylight (storm chasing scientist)
  • Mr Hartman and his class (primary school teacher)

3. Choose a problem...

  • people trapped
  • animal trapped
  • bridge is about to give way
  • school trip stranded
  • surfers in trouble
  • tsunami alert
  • Choose your own idea

4. Write the story from the most exciting part. If you are working with a partner, write one line each.