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Write your own story – Hurricane!

Hurricanes can be up to 600 miles across. At the heart of these mega storms there are strong winds spiralling at speeds of 75 to 200mph. As well as lashing rain and winds, the mountainous waves they create can put ships and people in deadly peril.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. UK emergency services are bracing themselves for the worst hurricane ever. Choose a rescue location...

  • Chiswick (River Thames)
  • Port Talbot (Swansea Bay - Wales)
  • Aberdeen (Scotland)
  • Port Isaac (Cornwall)

2. The lifeboat station receive a call. Who is in trouble?

  • Dave (surfer)
  • Sophie (sea kayak instructor)
  • Ellie (white water rafter)
  • Brad (jet skier)
  • Dr Mohammed (storm chasing scientist)
  • Miss Jones and her class (primary school teacher)
  • Mrs Moggin and Fluffy (old lady and her cat)

3. Choose two people to help with the rescue ....

  • Syra (helicopter pilot)
  • Emma (winch operator)
  • Dylan (lifeboat captain)
  • Tyson (lifeboat crew)
  • Elora (paramedic)
  • Sid (rescue diver)
  • Sally (vet)
  • Jess (mountain rescue)
  • Alex (rescue climber)

4. Write about the rescue from the most exciting part...

If you are working with a partner write one line each.