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Sample chapter and tips – London Deep

The graphic novel series London Deep  is set in the future in a flooded London. The books feature some cool ‘manga’ style artwork from Paul McGrory and Rebecca Davy. Lots of writers have written books about flooded worlds. John Wyndham is best known for his brilliantly creepy book about killer plants called The of Day of the Triffids. He also wrote a book called The Kraken Wakes about a flooded world. In 2000, Marcus Sedgewick wrote the book Floodlands (which I am told is very good too). Every writer puts their own twist on it. In London Deep, as well as the flood you have rival police forces for kids and grown ups competing with each other to keep the peace.
Comics are great small speech bubbles mean that it’s difficult for the characters to hold a proper conversation. That’s why I decided that London Deep should be half graphic novel and half book. It means you can enjoy Paul’s atmospheric drawings but my characters have enough space to talk.

Robin’s tip: Start your story with a line of dialogue – and then follow it up with a line of description. Writing is like a Mars bar – different layers make it tasty.

London Deep by Robin Price and Paul McGrory was a Recommended Read for World Book Day in 2011. The sequel is called Father Thames. They are currently working on the third book in the series which is called Threadneedle.