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Write Your Own Story – Flooded World

A drowned world is a great setting for some tense dystopian fiction.  Your weird world of water could include: pirates, a tsunami, rats, sirens or sea monsters. You can explain how the world got flooded or you could just leave it as a mystery and keep the readers guessing.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose a location

  • UK
  • New York
  • Tokyo
  • You choose!

2. Choose a starting point...

  • In a floating town
  • In an underwater prison
  • On the last bit of dry land
  • On a life raft
  • You choose!

3. Choose names for your main characters...

  • The good guys are:
  • The bad guys are:

4. Choose two of these things for your story...

  • A stowaway
  • A boat chase
  • A torpedo
  • Rival communities
  • Pirates
  • A tsunami
  • You choose!

5. Write the story from the most exciting part...