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Write your own story – Frost Fair

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There were 7 major frost fairs between 1607 and 1814 Here is a ballad (song) sung about the 1607 fair.

Come listen a while (though the weather be cold)
In your pockets and plackets your hands you may hold
I’ll tell you a story as true as ’tis rate
Of a river turned into a wonderful Fair
Since old Christmas last there has been such a frost
That the Thames has been by half the whole nation been crossed
In roast beef and brandy much money is spent
In booths made of blankets that pay no Ground Rent

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Two children decide to run off and go to the Frost Fair. Their names are...

  • Tom
  • Edmund
  • Joshua
  • Gilbert
  • Mable
  • Amy
  • Susan

2. When they get to Bank side, they find that the river is frozen solid! Choose three things that they see...

  • a snow ball fight
  • people in sledges
  • a Punch and Judy show
  • skaters
  • musicians
  • a dancing bear
  • a hot bun stall
  • a hand warmers stall (selling hot coals to warm your hands)
  • Choose your own idea

3. They join in the fun. By sunset they are starting to feel cold. They are just about to go home when...

  • A boy has fallen though the ice
  • One of the stalls catches fire and the ice is melting!
  • A pickpocket runs past
  • A gold watch is missing - a rich man says the children stole it!

If someone spots a criminal there is a hew and cry! Everyone has to chase the thief.

4. The Parish Constable wants to talk to the children. What were they doing? Write down everything that happened.