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Write your own story – Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and GretelĀ  is a traditional tale from Germany. Two children are sent into the forest to find strawberries. Soon they get lost in the trees. They discover a house made of gingerbread and sweets. However, the gingerbread house belongs to the evil gingerbread witch! Use theĀ App to help you write your own story. You can stay close to the original or give it your own twist.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. "Go into the forest and get me some strawberries!" said Mother. So off went...

  • Hansel and Gretel (traditional)
  • Handroid and Metal (robots)
  • Hamster and Gerbil (furry animals)
  • Hansel and Petal (flower fairies)

2. It was dark and spooky in the trees so they carefully laid a trail leading all the way back to their house. The trail was made of...

  • small white stones
  • nuts, bolts and robot parts
  • sunflower seeds and hamster treats
  • water from the fairy watering can

3. When the basket was full, they carefully followed the trail back. Mother was so pleased that she sent them back out immediately to fill up the basket again! But there was a problem...

  • they'd run out of small white stones
  • they'd run out of parts
  • they'd run out of sunflower seeds
  • the water had soaked into the ground

4. "Don't worry!" said the boy. "I've got a sandwich in my pocket, we'll lay a trail of breadcrumbs instead!" So they did. But the breadcrumbs were eaten by a flock of birds. It was dark and they were lost in the forest. Suddenly, they saw a light through the trees. The girl ran to investigate. "Look my brother!!!" she cried. "It's a ..."

  • gingerbread house
  • scrap metal yard
  • luxury hamster cage with a running wheel
  • compost heap castle

5. From inside the house, they heard an old voice saying "Come inside children!" It was the...

  • Gingerbread witch
  • Scrap metal witch
  • Pet shop witch
  • Compost heap witch

6. Now carry on telling the story.... What happened next?

If you are working with a partner, write (or tell) one line each.