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Write your own story – Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood is a traditional story from Germany. A girl has to deliver a basket of goodies to her grandmother. But a wicked wolf finds out where she’s going, rushes ahead to granny’s house and swallows poor granny in one gulp! The wolf dresses up in granny’s clothes and lies in bed, waiting for Little Red Riding Hood. Red Riding hood spots the trick too late! She’s also swallowed in one gulp. Luckily, a brave wood cutter rushes to the rescue, killing the wolf and releasing Red Riding Hood and her granny from the stomach of the wolf. Use our App to help you re-tell the story. You can stay close to the original, or change the characters and give it a new twist.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. "Go into the forest and deliver this basket to granny!" said Mother. So off the girl went. Her name was..

  • Little Red Riding Hood (traditional story)
  • Little Red Riding Dog (dog story)
  • Little Dead Riding Hood (zombie story)
  • Choose your own idea

2. The basket was full of...

  • cakes and goodies
  • bones and dog food
  • spooky Halloween snacks
  • Choose your own idea

3. So off she went into the forest. After two hours of walking she was tired. Suddently a voice said "Hello! Where are you going?" It was...

  • the big bad wolf
  • the big bad cat
  • the big bad bat
  • Choose your own idea

4. "Sorry but I'm taking this basket to my granny's house!" said the girl. "I can't stand here talking to you..." The stranger was gone in a flash. It rushed ahead to Granny's house and...

  • gobbled up Granny in a single mouthful
  • locked up Granny in a kennel
  • trapped Granny in a secret underground bat cave
  • Choose your own idea

5. The baddie dressed up in Granny's clothes and got into her bed. When the baddie heard Red arriving she told her to come into the bedroom. "My my Granny!" said Red....

  • "What big EARS you have!"
  • "What a big TONGUE you have!"
  • "What big WINGS you have!"

A voice that was not the same as Granny's voice, replied...

  • "All the better to hear you with, my dear!"
  • "All the better to lick you with, my dear!"
  • "All the better to flap you with, my dear!"

7. Meanwhile... outside Granny's house, somebody was passing. It was...

  • a woodcutter with a sharp axe
  • a brave police dog
  • a bat-catcher with a giant bat box