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Write your own story – Macbeth

Let’s try to write an alternative take on Shakespeare’s famous ‘Scottish play’. You can think of Macbeth as a game… played for very high stakes. A game of life and death.

Lady Macbeth

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose your game...

  • robots vs humans
  • vampires vs werewolves
  • prison break
  • gladiator arena
  • Black ops island
  • model universe
  • game of crowns
  • Choose your own idea

2. Answer these questions...

  • The object of the game is...
  • The prize for winning the game is...

It could be a cash prize or it could be 'freedom'. Click 'Next step' when you want to move on.

3. Choose three characters to be in the story

  • The Favourite (naturally talented - sure to win).
  • Lady ruthless (she'll do ANYTHING to make sure that her man wins).
  • The reluctant killer (he's gifted but easily led).
  • The honest player (this person always plays fair).
  • The three judges (three weird characters who predict events and seem to control the game).

Choose three!

4. Choose three problems that apply to your characters...

  • How can you talk your partner into killing the favourite?
  • If you murder the favourite - what if someone finds out?
  • You think your friend the favourite is acting strangely.
  • Murder is wrong! You'll be dammed if you take a human life.
  • How can you hide the murder?
  • Choose your own idea

5. Choose two objects to come into your story...

  • ghost
  • witch's caldron
  • hidden fire
  • poison
  • invisible army
  • castle
  • night vision
  • courage potion
  • royal blood crown
  • Choose your own idea

6. Write the story from the most exciting part...

If you are working with a partner - write one line each. You could write prose or a poem.