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Mary Seacole

Write a story about

Write a story about an unstoppable Victorian. Mary Seacole went to great lengths to help soldiers during the Crimean war in 1854. The Crimean war was fought in Turkey and The Crimea (in modern day Ukraine). Turkey, France and Britain on one side faced Russian forces on the other. When news of the Crimean War (and the famous Charge of the Light Brigade) hit the newspaper headlines, the British public wanted to help the wounded soldiers. The troops were fighting in trenches using weapons that were high tech in Victorian times – like field guns and rockets. The injuries were terrible and thousands were dying of diseases like cholera and yellow fever. Enter the amazing Mary Seacole who set up a hotel in order to help wounded soldiers. She became famous, wrote a book and was honoured with a medal during her lifetime. But later generations subsequently forgot her story.