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Write your own story – Potteries child

In 1861 there were 4,500 children under 13 working in the Potteries. Imagine you are a potteries child. This morning you woke up at 5am and had a thin scrape of butter on your half slice of bread.  Then the day went down hill…

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose two children to be in your story. ( A brother and a sister).

  • Lizzie
  • Ann
  • Mary
  • Oliver
  • Sid
  • John

Choose two children.

2. Choose two grown ups be in the story...

  • Mr Potts (he owns the factory. He's even got a pot belly!)
  • Mr Grindstone ( he's second in command. The workers call him 'Sir'!)
  • Joe the fireman (not that sort of fireman! It's his job to keep the bottle oven alight)
  • Mary Strict (she's in charge of the girls who put handles onto tea cups)
  • PC Britespark (the policeman - he thinks children always tell lies)
  • Doctor Quack (he's a doctor, but don't call on him unless you have money).

Choose two characters.

3. Something terrible has happened! It's your brother/sister. He/ she's...

  • ...trapped - one of the pot banks is on fire!
  • ...dangerously ill. They say it's a disease called 'potters rot'.
  • ...got her hand caught in the fly-wheel! ( If she can't work, your family can't eat).
  • ...arrested for stealing wages.
  • ...sacked for working too slowly and 'cheeking' Mary Strict (her overseer).
  • ...been accused of singing a rude song about Mr Potts - the factory owner!
  • ...blamed for smashing a whole stack of 'saggers'.

'Saggers' were crates where the pottery was stacked up inside the pot bank (oven).

4. Carry on the story from the most exciting part...

If you are writing with a partner - write one line each.