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Write your own story – Rainforest

Ready to write your own rainforest story? There are so many great possibilities – your characters can be animals or people. When you are finished, send us your story and we’ll add it to our collection.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose characters to be in your story!

  • howler monkey
  • glow worm
  • poison dart frog
  • anaconda (giant snake)
  • parrot
  • spider
  • piranha (fish with sharp teeth)
  • butterfly
  • capibara (giant guinea pig)
  • jaguar (Big cat)
  • Choose your own idea!

2. Choose a place for your story to happen...

  • The village
  • The canopy (tree tops)
  • The oldest tree
  • The mine
  • The river
  • Choose your own idea!

3. When you wake up...

  • The forest is on fire
  • You hear noises
  • Your friend is missing
  • Something strange...

4. My character's name's are:

  • Write it here
  • Write it here

5. Write the story from the most exciting part! (If you are working with a partner, write one line each)