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Write Your Own Story – Robot Rescue

Robots conquer and destroy!!! Attack the humans! Hang on – this story is all about rescue robots – not evil robots.┬áThese droids are the friendly type that would never plot to take over the world. Or would they?

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose two robots...

  • Drilla - (a rescue robot)
  • Killa (an evil robot)
  • Miner (a mining robot)
  • CS-1 (a helpful droid)
  • XYZ-2 (a teaching robot)
  • Robo Dog
  • Choose your own idea!

2. The robots story is set...

  • on Earth in the future
  • the planet of the robots
  • the planet of the stone giants
  • a mining space ship
  • Choose your own idea

3. Choose something to be in the story...

  • a pet that needs rescuing
  • an angry stone giant
  • an explosion on the space ship
  • Choose your own idea

4. Write the story from the most exciting part. (If you are writing with a partner - write one line each)