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Write your own sci-fi-story

Design your own world.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Where is your sci-fi story set?

  • different planet
  • environmental nightmare
  • ghost town
  • parallel universe
  • time travel
  • underwater
  • vampires and werewolves
  • choose your own idea

Choose two options!

2. Choose names for your characters...

  • The name of the hero is

Tip: Think of the name of a street near your house/school that has an unusual name. For example: Park steet. Your character could be called 'Park' (Or 'Par' or 'Ark').

3. Choose two objects to be in the story...

  • spaceship
  • teleporter
  • magic dice
  • time machine
  • skeleton key
  • silver bullet
  • stake
  • Choose your own idea

Choose two options!

4. Zoom forward to the most exciting part of the story and start writing the story.

If you are with a partner - write one line each.