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Write your own story – the seaside

What will happen in your seaside story? The beach is a great place for an adventure. You can spot a dolphin, catch a crab or even dig up some pirate treasureboy with flagSurfboard.

DolphincrabIce cream vanPunch and Judy

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

Choose characters for your story...

  • Tommy
  • Dimple
  • Captain Jack (Pirate)
  • Pablo (surfer)
  • Zak (lifeguard)
  • Doctor Sara (animal rescue)
  • Dave (treasure hunter)
  • Mrs Nice (teacher)
  • Choose your own idea

2. While they are playing, they discover two things!

  • A surfboard
  • A bucket and spade
  • A treasure chest
  • A sand castle
  • An ice cream
  • A crab net
  • A jellyfish
  • A red flag
  • A dolphin
  • Choose your own idea

Choose two things to pop up in your story!

3. Suddenly they notice...

  • A sign that says: Sandcastle competition today!
  • A pirate flag
  • A lost puppy
  • Punch and Judy puppets
  • An enormous crab
  • A dolphin in the water
  • Choose your own idea

4. Now write the story.

If you are writing with a partner, write one line each.