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Write your own story – The Tudors

The first Tudor king was Henry the VII who seized power from the House of York in 1485. But the most famous Tudor was his son Henry VIII – who famously had 6 wives.  Download the Storymaker http://club.creativewritingclub.co.uk/themes/the-tudors/resources-to-print-the-tudors/

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose two characters to be in your story...

  • King Henry VIII
  • one of Henry's six wives
  • spy
  • spit boy
  • executioner
  • gong farmer
  • rich lady
  • solider
  • 'witchfinder'
  • women accused of witchcraft
  • Choose your own idea

Henry VIII's wives were: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn (B), Jane Semour, Anne of Cleaves, Katherine Howard (b) and Katherine Parr.

2. Choose two locations for the story.

  • palace
  • battlefield
  • forest
  • jousting tournament
  • river Thames
  • hut
  • country road

3. Choose two objects for your story...

  • secret letter
  • ducking stool
  • poison
  • gold coins
  • key
  • horse
  • tooth worm
  • crossbow
  • axe
  • rapier
  • Choose your own idea

A ducking stool was used to try an accused 'witch'. The Tudors believed that tooth ache was caused by a tooth worm!

4. Write the story from the most exciting part. (If you are working with a partner, write one line each)

If you are working with a partner, write one line each.