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Write your own story – Tudor school

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Not many Tudor children went to school. Rich boys attended grammar school to learn Latin. Young children of well off workers might also attend ‘petty’ school to learn their sums and letters. School was a tough place – especially if you were a ‘whipping boy’ – who had to take a ‘birching’ for a rich child! A birch is a nasty wooden cane. FACT: Ask your mum or dad or some of your older teachers – they might remember ‘the cane’ from school. They were still used as late as the 1980’s in schools in the UK.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose name for two tudor children...

  • Adam
  • Fulke
  • Tristram
  • Hugh
  • Bennet
  • Henry
  • Tom (the Whipping boy)
  • Mary
  • Agnes
  • Frideswide

Choose at least one boy! In Tudor times girls were not allowed to go to school. They did lessons at home.

2. Where do the two children study?

  • grammar school (rich boys learn Latin)
  • at home with a tudor
  • 'Petty' school (for younger boys to learn to read)

3. The teacher is furious! The Tudor children have been caught...

  • playing football (with a pig’s bladder)
  • playing jacks
  • playing with a hoop
  • throwing cherry stones
  • talking back to the teacher
  • fighting
  • Choose your own idea

4. The teacher decides that they must be punished! Choose a punishment...

  • 10 strokes of the cane
  • 50 strokes of the cane
  • telling off
  • tell your father
  • You decide

5. Write the story from the most exciting part. If you are writing with a partner - write one line each.