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Resources to print – Zombies

zombies_storymakerPrintable writing frames

Download writing frame: zombies_storymaker.pdf

LEVELS: (blue = easiest, purple = medium, green = hardest)

How to use in class (Demo using App followed up by pen and paper).

  1. Log onto Creative Writing Club. Use your Interactive White Board to do a demo of the story writing activity to the whole class. (Get the class to vote on the options as you go. Use the ‘next’ button in the bottom right of the screen if you need to
    move on).
  2. Get the class into pairs and hand out a printed version of the writing frame.
  3. Tell students to write the story one line each – from the most exciting part.
  4. The first person should write a line of dialogue.
  5. The second writer should write a line of description.
  6. After this they can write anything they like: speech, description, action etc.
  7. At the end of the session, choose some pairs to come up and share their work with you.

Tip: If you are working on paper, you can still submit work to our Hall of Fame. Take a picture of the story and email it to us.

Page borders to print

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